Ragi can be your new BFF for healthy skin and hair care routine; Here’s how

Fashion Source: getty images, health line With a vast array of key nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, B-complex vitamins, iron, calcium, antioxidants, proteins and what not, Ragi is no doubt an essential element for skin and hair health. It ha.....»»

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Hair Care Tips: THIS kitchen ingredient can help you get healthy & luscious hair

Fashion Source: femina, pexel, pixabay Healthy hair doesn't come easy. Even after a strict hair care routine and immense care, we often end up having hair and scalp problems such as frizzy hair, dry scalp and dandruff and sometimes even hair fal.....»»

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Hair Care Tips: 3 natural scalp scrubs that will help keep your hair and scalp healthy

Fashion Source: pinkvillapixabaypexel We all dream of beautiful, luscious tresses and in order to keep our hair healthy we have a set hair care routine but is your haircare routine good enough? We often forget to take care of our scalp along wit.....»»

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Ragi: Check out the 8 major health benefits of finger millet

Lifestyle: Health & FitnessLifestyleTags: raginachaniAttach Main Lifestyle Image:  Ragi: Check out the 8 major health benefits of finger millet Enter the Lifestyle details:  Ragi, which is also commonly known as Nachani and Fin.....»»

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5 minute easy skin care routine you can follow every morning AND it"s affordable

Fashion Source: PINKVILLA A lot of dermatologists and skin care experts swear by the night time routine. While nighttime routine is all about rejuvenating and replenishing the skin, the morning routine is for protecting and preserving the beauty.....»»

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Oily skin, dry skin or normal skin: Different types of skin and how to determine your skin type 

Fashion Source: getty images Everybody's skin type is unique. But there are primarily five different types of skin: oily, dry, normal, combination and sensitive skin. The best way to look after your skin is to develop a skincare routine and the.....»»

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Skincare Tips: THIS nighttime skincare routine is just what our skin needs

Fashion Source: healthline It's very important to take care of our skin on a daily basis and set a routine for our skin. Our skin too requires a little bit of care and discipline. If you want a good quality skin and want to prevent any skin prob.....»»

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Garlic Home Remedies for Hair: THIS is how you can use this ingredient to improve hair growth

Fashion Source: pinkvilla, pexel Beautiful and strong hair is a result of immense hair care focused on healthy hair. Sometimes hair care is more about picking the right ingredients for your hair as compared to using high-end expensive products......»»

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Home Remedies for Hair Care: THESE remedies can give you the same results as Keratin treatment

Fashion Source: stylecrazepixabaypexel We take immense care of our hair because we always want beautiful tresses and we do our best to maintain them. We follow the best hair care routine and try to ensure that our hair gets the maximum care but.....»»

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Hair Care: 6 common hair problems we all face during winters

Fashion Source: pinkvilla Winter is a harsh weather and it takes a toll on you. The harsh cold can impact your hair and it can be big trouble. Your regular hair care routine also won't help much. This lovely cold weather can take a toll on your.....»»

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Hair Care Tips: THESE home remedies can help you get rid of white hair

Fashion Source: femina doctor ndtv We all want nice healthy hair with a great volume but hair care mistakes can lead to white hair which is a total deal-breaker. No one wants a few strands of white hair in the middle of their beautiful tresses w.....»»

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Feet Care: Easy daily routine to keep your sole happy and healthy all the time

Fashion Source: pinkvilla Our feet are the one part of the body that aren't much cared for. We tend to ignore the importance of feet care. We have great skincare routines and hair care routine and other such beauty routines to care for our body.....»»

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EXCLUSIVE: Expert approved skin essentials you need to add in your vanity this winter and why

Fashion Source: Getty Images If you take good care of your skin, your skin will take care of its glow! With the change in the season, one needs to upgrade skin routine. Winter often makes the skin dry because of the low moisture in the air. Yo.....»»

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Home Remedies for Hair Spa: THESE remedies can help you get luscious tresses at home

Fashion Source: stylecrazepixabaypinkvilla We all love beautiful and healthy tresses but they don't come easy. Healthy hair means a lot of care and love which means that we all need to follow a strict hair care routine that can help us keep our.....»»

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TWICE singer Jihyo reveals her go to Korean skin care routine for flawless skin

Fashion Source: getty imagesallure Korean beauty has seen a boom all over the world. Their intense skin care routine that is known to involve more than 10 steps, is what seems to be working and helping in achieving a glass-like Goddess skin, r.....»»

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Hair Care Tips: THESE homemade hair mists can hydrate your hair and keep them fresh

Fashion Source: pinkvilla, pexel, pixabay We often turn to numerous home remedies and homemade products for our skin and hair. Home remedies happen to be the best for healthy hair as they have been tried and tested for years. The best way to tak.....»»

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THESE food items can boost your collagen levels and keep your body and skin healthy

Lifestyle: Health & FitnessLifestyleTags: healthy dietcollagen levelshealthy skin and bodyAttach Main Lifestyle Image:  THESE food items can boost your collagen levels and keep your body and skin healthy Enter the Lifestyle details:.....»»

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Haircare Tips: Go Banana"s on your dry and dull hair

Fashion Source: pinkvilla We spend loads of money on hair spas and hair salons just to achieve beautiful and healthy hair but it just has the opposite impact on our hair. Using all these hair products can take a toll on our hair. All the beautif.....»»

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Hair Care: Add THESE seeds to your diet if you want to improve hair growth

Fashion Source: the better indiapexelpixabay A healthy diet plays an important role in our skincare and hair care routines. We are what we eat and when we eat unhealthy food it shows up on our skin and hair. The junk we consume plays an importan.....»»

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Hair Care Tips: Here"s why you need to go for hair spa for healthy, shiny and strong hair

Fashion Source: pinkvilla Hair spa is the perfect and ultimate solution to keep our hair always healthy, glowing and shining. It is considered to be a de-stress therapy. It should be done at least once a month. This re-hydrating therapy restores.....»»

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EXCLUSIVE: Everything you need to know about skinimalism by Dr Rinky Kapoor

Fashion Source: pexels Skinimalism is exactly what it sounds like: Going minimum with skin care and make up products.  2020 saw a major shift in skin care with keywords like home skin care, skin care at home, and natural everyday makeup saw an.....»»

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