Do’s and Don’ts for combing wet hair explains cosmetologist Pooja Nagdev

Fashion Source: getty images Wet hair is more fragile and can lead to hair breakage. When we wash the hair, the pores of the scalp are already open making it sensitive. On combing, it leads to hair breakage. This causes hair fall and breakage. I.....»»

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Simple ways to boost your wellbeing with Aromatherapy explained by Aromatherapist & Cosmetologist Pooja Nagdev

Lifestyle: Health & FitnessLifestyleTags: aroma theraphypooja nagdevimmunityAttach Main Lifestyle Image:  Simple ways to boost your well-being with Aromatherapy explained by Aromatherapist & Cosmetologist, Pooja Nagdev Enter the Lif.....»»

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Hair Care: Here are all ingredients from your kitchen for silky, shiny hair REVEALS Cosmetologist Pooja Nagdev

Fashion Source: PINKVILLA, getty images Just like our face and body, the hair also needs care and attention. There are several ingredients found in our kitchen that are excellent for our hair and scalp preparations. These preparations are wonder.....»»

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Oily hair, dry hair or normal hair: The different hair types and how to tell which is yours

Fashion Source: getty imagesglamour mag allure When it comes to hair, there are always concerns about the mane. Our hair is our pride and glory and nothing feels better than a good hair day. To make looking after hair a little simpler, it is be.....»»

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Hair Care Tips: THIS kitchen ingredient can help you get healthy & luscious hair

Fashion Source: femina, pexel, pixabay Healthy hair doesn't come easy. Even after a strict hair care routine and immense care, we often end up having hair and scalp problems such as frizzy hair, dry scalp and dandruff and sometimes even hair fal.....»»

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Haircare Tips: Go Banana"s on your dry and dull hair

Fashion Source: pinkvilla We spend loads of money on hair spas and hair salons just to achieve beautiful and healthy hair but it just has the opposite impact on our hair. Using all these hair products can take a toll on our hair. All the beautif.....»»

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Garlic Home Remedies for Hair: THIS is how you can use this ingredient to improve hair growth

Fashion Source: pinkvilla, pexel Beautiful and strong hair is a result of immense hair care focused on healthy hair. Sometimes hair care is more about picking the right ingredients for your hair as compared to using high-end expensive products......»»

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How to naturally condition your hair at home? Explains beauty expert, Shahnaz Husain

Fashion Source: getty images Hair conditioning is one of the important ways by which we can improve the look of the hair, making it soft and smooth. Regular conditioning helps to provide nourishment and keep the hair looking good.  The hair is.....»»

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Basic ingredients from the kitchen can boost skin health during the lockdown explains Pooja Nagdev

Fashion Source: GETTY IMAGES Lockdown has given us an opportunity to take care of ourselves. Staying indoors one gets inclined to take good care of oneself and indulge in self-pampering to boost skin condition. We all desire for healthy and glow.....»»

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Kim Kardashian REVEALS she could not sit or pee for hours in her "wet" and "dripping" look for Met Gala 2019

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  GettyImages-1147438586.jpg Kim Kardashian's 'wet and dripping' look at the Met Gala 2019 was not only jaw dropping but left fans and followers baffled at the reality star's super.....»»

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You’ve been combing your hair the wrong way all this time; here’s the right way to do it

Fashion Source: PINKVILLA When all of us were younger, we all wanted to be Rapunzel. That naive innocent beauty with mesmerising eyes and luscious long hair. She won over the World with her stunning locks and here we are trying to hold on to eve.....»»

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Hair care: Natural hair dyes to colour your hair at home 

Fashion Source: getty imageshealthline Letting hair be during the lockdown is one way for it to heal. No more heat tools to curl, twist and style it in different ways, No more chemical hair dyes that are harmful to the hair and scalp. But if you.....»»

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Hair care: Want straight hair? All the NATURAL ways through which you can get straight hair at home

Fashion Source: pixabayinstagramstylecraze A hairstyle that never seems to go out of style, is straight hair. Straight hair makes for a simple, clean and chic look with loads of glossy and absolutely no frizz whatsoever. However, using a hair st.....»»

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Dry hair causing your hair to break easily? Try these easy DIY moisturisers for soft, silky and radiant hair

Fashion Source: Instagram Hair is one thing that completely changes what you look like and how you feel. When you are having a good hair day, nothing can bring you down. But when your hair isn't listening to you, nothing can help bring you back.....»»

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Hair care: Fool proof conditioner tricks for the silkiest hair EVER

Fashion Source: Pixabay Goodhousekeeping One of the most common hair woes, is managing, dry, fizzy and rough hair. The sane trick to combat it - hair conditioner. Hair conditioner which is ideally aplied after shampoo, is a protective layer for.....»»

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Hair Care Tips: THESE home remedies can help you get rid of white hair

Fashion Source: femina doctor ndtv We all want nice healthy hair with a great volume but hair care mistakes can lead to white hair which is a total deal-breaker. No one wants a few strands of white hair in the middle of their beautiful tresses w.....»»

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Hair Care: 5 HOMEMADE hair masks for winter season you need to opt for right away

Lifestyle: Health & FitnessLifestyleTags: homemade hair maskwinter hair caremask for dry hairAttach Main Lifestyle Image:  Hair Care: 5 HOMEMADE hair masks for winter season you need to opt for right away Enter the Lifestyle details.....»»

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Eye Spy: The messy ponytail is winning celebrities" hearts and it is time for you to try it

Fashion Source: INSTAGRAM Wet hair to bed hair and messy buns, this decade has been all about that ‘effortless’ look. We have been completely in love with these styles and considering the fact that it takes very less effort and time to make.....»»

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Hair care Tips: Try THESE homemade hair rinses for smooth and shiny nourished hair

Fashion Source: stylecraze With the changing weather and temperatures and the immense pollution in the air, it's very difficult to maintain your hair and keep them healthy and growing. Our hair has to put up with a lot other than just the natura.....»»

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Hair Care Tips: THESE homemade hair mists can hydrate your hair and keep them fresh

Fashion Source: pinkvilla, pexel, pixabay We often turn to numerous home remedies and homemade products for our skin and hair. Home remedies happen to be the best for healthy hair as they have been tried and tested for years. The best way to tak.....»»

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Hair Care Tips: Detox your hair with THESE home remedies

Fashion Source: stylecraze Our hair faces a lot every day. From the chemical-based products to all the pollution and dirt and impurities. All the hairstyling and everything takes a toll on our hair and we end up with sun-damaged hair with loads.....»»

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