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Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaMay 10th, 2021

Calling out to all the Disney lovers: Bring that world into your beauty regime with these 8 products

Fashion Source:, getty images If you are anything like me, I am sure you can understand my undying love for Disney. You can never be too old for Disney. If you too grew up with Disney and continue to be obsessed, here is proof that i.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJul 30th, 2021

The beauty product that suits you the best based on your Zodiac sign

Fashion Source:, Getty images There is a lot to think about when buying beauty products. Some people may take price into consideration, while others may search for items that have been recommended to them by their friends. But what if.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJul 30th, 2021

5 HOLY GRAIL skincare ingredients every girls should have in her beauty closet ASAP

Fashion Source: getty images Based on your skin type, there are a few ingredients that work for you and there are a few that don’t. While skincare is extremely personal, there are a bunch of products that end up taking up most of your beauty c.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJul 29th, 2021

Simple ways to befriend Vitamin C for youthful and radiant skin

Fashion Source: PEXELS With the many products dropping at the counters of your favourite beauty store, you’ll probably want to pile them up in your arsenal whether you have the time for it or not. The most favourable choice amongst them all wo.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJul 28th, 2021

Are the monsoons making your oily skin worse? 6 Serums that work wonders on oily skin

Fashion Source:, Getty images If you have an oily skin type you know it is high maintenance. Hardly any products may suit you and beauty oils and serums might trigger the acne. The monsoons may actually make it worse for you since the.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJul 24th, 2021

8 Cruelty free beauty products from Sugar Cosmetics under Rs 590 you need to look stunning every day

Fashion Source: The trends setting beauty brand Sugar cosmetics is known for its wide range of cruelty-free products that are affordable, high on quality and higher on performance. Their iconic makeup and skincare products are much lov.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJul 16th, 2021

Here’s how you can keep your hair safe before using heated beauty and styling tools

Fashion Source: getty images Even with the best hair products available today, let's face it, we do need to add a little heat to tame and style our hair. Whether you’re adding volume to your hair with your blow dryer or maintaining your curls.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJul 10th, 2021

Beauty Refrigerators: Time for your products to take a cool plunge to keep them all in the pink of health

Fashion Source: PEXELS Raise your hands if you reached to your favourite nail paint after weeks to realise it's all dried and cracked up? While it is a major bummer, there’s something you can try to improve the shelf life of your products. The.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJul 7th, 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Clear skin is no more a thing of the past: Expert approved simple hacks that will make skin GLOW

Fashion Source: pexels While we're all fans of moisturisers, creams and beauty products, the truth of the matter is that nothing works better than natural remedies. Clear skin might seem like a myth but is not as difficult to achieve as long as.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJun 29th, 2021

Moringa DIY hair masks: A jackpot for dry, dull, and damaged hair

Fashion Source: PIXABAYPEXELS Have you allowed your hair to succumb to frizz and damage all this while? With the beauty world blessing our at-home days with products and ingredients, options galore not knowing what makes for the best fit. Often.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJun 28th, 2021

10 Essential products suggested by expert to maintain flawless skin

Lifestyle: PeopleLifestyleTags: beauty and skincareAttach Main Lifestyle Image:  10 Essential products suggested by expert to maintain flawless skin Enter the Lifestyle details:  We all want a flawless and fresh-looking skin al.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJun 28th, 2021

Take care of your skin, hair this monsoon season with products made from Aloe Vera & Neem

Lifestyle: Health & FitnessLifestyleTags: wellnessAttach Main Lifestyle Image:  Take care of your skin, hair with the beauty and wellness products from Kapiva. Enter the Lifestyle details:  Remember all the fitness, skincare, a.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJun 25th, 2021

5 Must have beauty products in every girl’s makeup kit

Fashion Source: Doing makeup is as simple as it is said. There is a reason why we take fifteen to twenty minutes to get ready. But sometimes, like those dreaded last-minute zoom meetings, urgent client calls and date nights, we requir.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJun 24th, 2021

5 Beauty products to create vibrant and trendy makeup looks and embrace the artist within you!

5 Beauty products to create vibrant and trendy makeup looks and embrace the artist within you!.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJun 23rd, 2021

2 Ways to sculpt your face like a Kardashian with the help of a Gua Sha

Fashion Source: getty images Over the past few years, we’ve been brought close to the East especially because of their outlook on beauty. Right from Korean to Japanese products, we’ve all been introduced to a plethora of products and tools t.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJun 22nd, 2021

Amazon Deal of the Day: Elevate your glam quotient with these amazing beauty products

Amazon Deal of the Day: Elevate your glam quotient with these amazing beauty products.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJun 22nd, 2021

Cruelty free makeup: A complete guide to ethical beauty: How it works, the testing process & safety

Fashion Source: pexels A consumer looks for a product that is cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainable. Thanks to PETA, most of the brands who were testing their products on animals changed and became cruelty-free brands. There are still a certain.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJun 20th, 2021

Amazon Deal of the Day: 8 Beauty products you need in your life RIGHT NOW for a flawless skin

Amazon Deal of the Day: 8 Beauty products you need in your life RIGHT NOW for a flawless skin.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJun 16th, 2021

Amazon Deal of the Day: 6 Best selling skincare products to gift to your beauty conscious friend

shopping_desc: Being beauty-conscious is a good thing. After, who wants to look average when you look naturally flawless! Most times we refrain from buying from erupted skincare brands due to the high price of the products they offer. Thank god.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: rediffJun 7th, 2021

The Family Man 2: Samantha Akkineni says "reading all reviews and comments fills her heart with so much joy"

Web Series description:  Samantha Akkineni is currently basking in the success of her recently-released web show The Family Man season 2. South beauty made her highly-awaited digital debut with the second season that also saw Manoj Bajpayee repr.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: pinkvillaJun 4th, 2021