Anupamaa, 19 August 2021, Written Update: Anupama slaps Dholakia in his office

anupamaa_19_august_2021_written_update.jpg Today, Kinjal enters Dholakia’s cabin and urges Dholakia to take her back in the office. Later, Kinjal starts crying and tells Dholakia that she accepts her mistake. Dhola.....»»

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Kumkum Bhagya, 2 August, 2021, Written Update: Abhi works for Pragya

kumkum-bhagya-written-update.jpg Pragya is in a meeting when suddenly she recalls all the beautiful memories with Abhi. Meanwhile, Abhi is serving water in that meeting and is unaware that Pragya is present there and.....»»

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Prema Entha Madhuram, 2 August 2021, Written Update: Ashwin executes his Plan B

prema-entha-madhuram-written-update.jpg In today's episode, Jende asks Arya and the whole family to play a game in which they will blindfold Arya and then he will have to find Anu before the pre-wedding shoot. For th.....»»

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Kundali Bhagya 24 July 2021, Written Update: Preeta wants a fresh start with Sherlyn

kundali-bhagya-written-update.jpg Karan and Preeta enjoy a sweet moment when Shristi calls Preeta and informs her of all the mishap that happened at the party and she also told about Sherlyn’s attempts to kill Pree.....»»

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Kundali Bhagya July 17, 2021, Written Update: Mahira and Shrishti fail to expose Sherlyn and Prithvi

kundali-bhagya-written-update.jpg Mahira says that she will reveal Prithvi’s and Sherlyn's secrets. Before Sherlyn could do anything, Sanjana (Prithvi’s mother) hits her head with a vase. Later, Kareena bua asks.....»»

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TMKOC July 1, 2021 Written Update: Gokuldham members get a grand welcome at Rang Tarang resort

tmkoc-written-update.jpg In today's episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah we see that Popatlal is very energetic and happy as Gokuldham society members are visiting the resort. He also checks that all the prepar.....»»

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Bigg Boss 14: January 1 Written Update: Arshi Khan and Rakhi Sawant miss another chance to win immunity

bb14-written-update-rakhi-and-arshi-fails-to-win-immunity.jpg Tonight will mark Bigg Boss 14’s first episode of 2021 and it will begin with a lot of dhamaka. After creating a ruckus during the captaincy task, Rakhi.....»»

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Bigg Boss 14: December 31 Written Update: Rahul Mahajan becomes the first captain of BB house in 2021

bb14-written-update-rahul-mahajan-becomes-new-captain.jpg The captaincy task continues in the new episode of Bigg Boss 14 and the housemates are mighty miffed with Rakhi Sawant for her behaviour during the task. Give.....»»

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Kundali Bhagya, 21st October 2021, Written Update: Preeta follows Sandeep

kundali-bhagya-main.jpg In today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, Prithvi is sitting in the office and someone knocks on the door and he tells his employee to enter. Prithvi asks him to transfer 80 lakhs and he tells i.....»»

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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3, October 19, 2021, Written Update: Vicky lands in trouble

kuch-rang-pyar-ke-main.jpg As the episode starts, Dev gets a call from the office regarding the emergency. One of the officers arrives at the office to conduct an investigation and they question Vicky. Vicky informs.....»»

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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3, 15 October 2021, Written Update: Knife in Sanjana"s purse

sanjana_kuch_ramng_pyra_ke_main.jpg In today's episode, Dev was in his office meeting with Sanjana, Sukhi, and Vicky. He tells them that they have decided to open a school for kids under Asha foundation who is her mo.....»»

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Kim Yo Han, Jo Yi Hyun and cast participate in the first script reading for KBS2"s "School 2021"

Attach Main Korean Image: Social Media Image : Image Caption: WEi's Kim Yo Han poses at an event (Pic credit - News1)Enter the Korean details:  Finally, we have a fresh update on KBS2's 'School 2021'! The cast of the highly-a.....»»

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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3, 12 October 2021, Written Update: Sanjana steals data from Dev"s laptop

kuch_rang_pyarr_ke_aise_bhi_main.jpg In today's episode, Sonakshi saw Dev and Sanjana talking in the office. She comes there and asks Dev what is going on and what is Sanjana doing in his office. Dev takes Sanjana ou.....»»

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MAA Elections 2021: After Prakash Raj, all the winning members of his panel officially resign

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  prakash_raj_panel_resigns_from_maa.jpg Prakash Raj gave his resignation yesterday to MAA- Movie artist association. Now according to the latest update, his panel members who won d.....»»

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EXCLUSIVE: World Mental Health Day 2021: Ways to take care of mental health if you lost your job in pandemic

Lifestyle: Health & FitnessLifestyleTags: World Mental Health Day 2021mental healthloss of jobsAttach Main Lifestyle Image: Enter the Lifestyle details:  You got a call from the office. It seemed like a normal work call to do some.....»»

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, 5 October 2021, Written update: Mahendra crashes the wedding

bade-acche-main.jpg Today’s episode starts with Akshay praising Priya for how beautiful she looks to Shivina. Priya walks in with her family towards the stage where Ram is awaiting her arrival. Mama ji instructs so.....»»

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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3, 5 October 2021, Written Update: Ranveer comes to Dev"s house

kuch_rang_pyar_ke_aise_bhi_main.jpg In today's episode, Sanjana comes into Dev's office and tells him that she is the aunt of Suhana, Dev questioned her about how this is even possible. Sanjana starts telling a story.....»»

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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3, 1 October 2021, Written Update: Dev gets angry at Sanjana

kuch-rang-pyaar-ke-aise-bhi-3-main.jpg In today's episode, Sanjana enters Dev's office and has some rose petals in her hands. She tells Dev that they are just like these rose petals. Dev gets worried and asks her wha.....»»

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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3, 27 September 2021, Written Update: Dev hugs Ishwari

dev_hugs_ishwari_main.jpg In today's episode, when Sanjana was leaving Sonakshi's office, she mistakenly drops her keys on the floor. On the key chain, there was a name embossed on it that read Gypsy girl. Sonakshi s.....»»

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Anupamaa, 18 August 2021, Written Update: Anupama stands firm on her decision

anupamaa-firm-on-decision.jpg In today’s episode, Anupama is been asked to sign on the loan papers as she is explained all the procedures by the bank executives. Anupama gets convinced and signs on the papers. She.....»»

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Santhwanam, 16 August 2021, Written Update: Thambi comes face to face with Aparna

santhwanam_16_august_2021_written_update_new.jpg The latest episode starts with Aparna and her mother shockingly staring at Thambi. Thambi slaps Ambika and asks how dare did she let Aparna come home. He takes Aparna'.....»»

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