4 DIY recipes with a Rosy Ritual for youthful and hydrated skin

Fashion Source: PEXELS Roses are often symbolic of everything pure and nice. From delivering a regal experience when at the sauna to adding charm at the banquet halls and brightening your garden view, it has been a star flower always. What’s n.....»»

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Struggling with dry skin? This DIY body butter will leave it smooth, supple and hydrated instantly

Fashion Source: pexels One of the biggest struggles that people with dry skin face, is that the moisturisers available are either too greasy or too thin and don't serve the purpose and do the trick at all. While moisturisers are a great ingredi.....»»

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3 Mango DIY face masks for the love of glowing and hydrated skin

Fashion Source: PEXELS Tis’ the season of making mangoes your favourite, right? From sipping on the most loved summer drink to savouring unripened mangoes we all can’t help but make space for this versatile fruit in our kitchen cabin. Consid.....»»

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Step into youthful skin zone and let your skin do the talking with these 3 DIYs with Hibiscus

Fashion Source: PEXELS Do you adore flowers in all their various forms and colors? The benefits they can provide for your skin are as lovely as they are. Hibiscus is one such flowering plant that has grown in the wild as well as in your garden f.....»»

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‘MIRROR SKIN’: The K beauty trend you need to up your hydration and youthful glow

Fashion Source: PEXELS   Have you always looked at a mirror and wished for that mirror-like skin with hints of glow? Korean beauty did it yet again with another skin care trend for you to build a rapport with. ‘Mirror skin’ shot to fame rec.....»»

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DIY body scrubs for a nourishing and youthful glow

Fashion Source: PEXELS Body scrubs have gained a cult status over the years for it helps to give your skin the undivided attention it deserves. Scrubs are the exfoliators made to draw out pesky toxins and dirt away to reveal gorgeously glowing a.....»»

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‘SKIP CARE’ is the Korean skin care trend you need to count on this summer

Fashion Source: PEXELS   Are you feelin’ the harsh heat? The key to having healthy, glowing, and hydrated skin this season lies in letting your skin breathe. While it’s natural to sweat extra due to the sweltering summer sun, it can worsen.....»»

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5 Beauty products to swear by this summer for a glowing & youthful skin

shopping_desc: Different seasons and weather call for different skincare routines. But whatever be your routine, here we bring to you 5 must-have products to inculcate in your everyday beauty treatment. This can make your skin soft and supple an.....»»

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Keep your skin plump, supple and hydrated with these SIMPLE & easy to follow tips

Fashion Source: pexels Our bodies are made mostly of water, in fact, 60% of it. Water acts as a catalyst for every function occurring within - flushing out waste, keeping your body temperature down and even crying. When there's a lack of water,.....»»

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Skincare: Wash off your mid week blues with DIY hydrating face mists that will bring back the lost glow

Fashion Source: getty images Summers mean scorching heat and dull, dry skin. Adding to it is the uneven tan and dehydrated skin that ends up bringing the mood down. While staying hydrated with fresh summer juices and lemonade is a good idea for.....»»

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Dermatologist shares 5 tricks to look less tired with a youthful and rejuvenated skin

Lifestyle: Health & FitnessLifestyleTags: Youthful SkinDermatologistAttach Main Lifestyle Image:  Dermatologist shares 5 tricks to look less tired with a youthful and rejuvenated skin Enter the Lifestyle details:  Looking tired.....»»

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The ULTIMATE summer skincare routine you need to keep your skin hydrated and glowing

Fashion Source: getty images The summer is here which means that the season brings along rising temperatures and dry air which tends to take a toll on the skin. No matter what type of skin you have, the seasonal changes tend to make it harder to.....»»

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Easy anti ageing tips everyone should follow for a youthful skin explains dermatologist Dr Ajay Rana

Fashion Source: getty images With age, the topmost layer of the skin called the epidermis begins to get thinner. This makes the skin look translucent and pale, which can make the blood vessels below the skin layer visible. With growing age, our.....»»

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5 Ways you are making your oily skin MORE oily than it actually is

Fashion Source: getty images Oily skin is the upshot of sebum in the sebaceous glands under the surface of the skin. Sebum, in general, helps your skin stay moist and hydrated however too much of its production causes extremely oily skin. Too mu.....»»

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3 reasons why Vitamin C serum is the GOLDEN TICKET to youthful skin

Fashion Source: healthlineGetty Images Vitamin C is what you want to repair and enhance your skin in every possible way. It's one of the best anti-ageing formulas to keep your skin smooth, plump and glowy. Its collagen-boosting properties have t.....»»

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"Missing Our Ritual": Priyanka On Mom Madhu Chopra"s Birthday

"My mother was a combination of intellect and allure," read an excerpt from Priyanka's post.....»»

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Kokum Butter: A buttery boon for dry and aging skin

Fashion Source: PIXABAY The monsoon is just another sad time for your skin. With dry skin being a constant worry, buttery formulas have seen a surge in popularity throughout the year. The cushiony texture has a few benefits reserved on its “to.....»»

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Grapeseed Oil DIY Masks: The ideal solution to all dry and aging skin concerns

Fashion Source: PEXELSPIXABAY What does skin that age like wine look like? Grapeseed oil deserves a spotlight for it is a secret skincare weapon that can be a good friend to aging, acne-prone, and dry skin. This non-comedogenic oil is obtained f.....»»

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Amazon Deal of the Day: 8 Beauty products you need in your life RIGHT NOW for a flawless skin

Amazon Deal of the Day: 8 Beauty products you need in your life RIGHT NOW for a flawless skin.....»»

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Cocoa Powder DIY Masks: Crack the secretive codes to anti aging and glowing skin

Fashion Source: PEXELS Weather so good calls for a warm and delectable cocoa-infused drink, right? How about trying cocoa for your skin? The cocoa tree is endemic to the tropical pockets of North America and its seeds are extracted to make all t.....»»

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9 Monsoon skin care essentials that you need to add to your cart right away

9 Monsoon skin care essentials that you need to add to your cart right away.....»»

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