Watch Missing 9 special episode live online: EXO member Park Chan-yeol to appear in MBC drama

Jung Kyung-ho and Baek Jin-hee will play lead roles in new MBC drama Missing 9......»»

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Watch 7 Day Queen episode 1 (premiere) live online: Park Min Young, Lee Dong Gun to play lead roles

7 Day Queen is a new Korean period drama that revolves around the life of a woman named Chaegyeong, who becomes the Queen For Seven Days......»»

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Watch Missing 9 episode 6 live online: Ra Bong-hee to reunite with Seo Joon-oh and Lee Yeol?

Episode 6 of Missing 9 might begin with an unexpected twist in the story line that could take the viewers through a roller-coaster ride......»»

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Saimdang episode 1 (premiere) live online: When and where to watch Lee Young-ae starrer period drama

Saimdang will also introduce Age Of Youth actress Park Hye-soo and Dr Jin star Song Seung-heon in lead roles......»»

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Watch Missing 9 episode 4 live online: Will Ra Bong-hee rescue Lee Yeol and Seo Joon-oh?

Episode 4 of Missing 9 might feature more bloodshed and death in the deserted island......»»

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Watch Outlander Season 3 Episode 2 live online: "Surrender"

The premiere of Starz' time-travelling period drama Outlander Season 3 drew 2.09 million viewers last Sunday......»»

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Watch School 2017 episodes 13, 14 live online: Kim Hee Chan to set trap for Ra Eun Ho?

Episode 13 of the Korean miniseries will continue to focus on the rivalry between Ra Eun Ho and Kim Hee Chan......»»

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Watch School 2017 episodes 9, 10 live online: Ra Eun Ho, Tae Woon to become power couple?

Episode 9 of the Korean mini-series will feature Hyun Tae Woon and Kim Hee Chan rivalry......»»

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Watch Seven Day Queen episode 17 live online: Lee Yeok becomes King Jungjong?

With just four more episodes left for the finale of Seven Day Queen, the drama is only getting intense......»»

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Watch Game of Thrones season 7 episode 2 live online: Will Littlefinger die?

HBO's fantasy drama Game of Thrones season 7 will return to the show with its episode 2 titled Stormborn at 9 pm ET......»»

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Watch Bride Of The Water God episode 4 live online: Things get more intense between Ha Baek, So Ah

In episode 4 of the Korean period drama, the water god gives a warning to his descendant after she has a near-death experience......»»

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Watch Bride Of The Water God episode 3 live online: Ha Baek to confront Hoo Ye

In episode 3 of the Korean mini-series, f(x) member Krystal Jung will portray goddess Moora, who is likely to be a rival of So Ah......»»

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Watch My Sassy Girl episodes 23 and 24 live online: Deposed Queen Han is back to help Princess

Queen Park has decided to move against Minister Jung Ki Joon. She will probably meet her demise in the upcoming episodes of the Korean drama......»»

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Watch Bride Of The Water God episode 1 (premiere) live online: Krystal Jung to portray Moo Ra

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo star Nam Joo Hyuk will be playing the role of a water god named Ha Baek in the Korean period drama......»»

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Watch Seven Day Queen episode 10 live online: Shin Chae Kyung to rekindle romance with Yi Yeok

The Korean period drama will be half way through and things are likely to become more intense in it......»»

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Watch My Sassy Girl episodes 7 and 8 live online: King Hwijong to dethrone Princess Hye Myung?

Episodes 5 and 6 of the Korean period drama revolved around the evil moves of Queen Park and Minister Jung Ki Joon......»»

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My Sassy Girl fails to impress Korean drama lovers: Watch episodes 3 and 4 live online

The SBS historical drama, starring Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo in lead roles, failed to keep its viewers on the edge with its premiere episode......»»

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Watch My Sassy Girl episode 1 (premiere) live online: Joo Won opens up about co-star Oh Yeon Seo

My Sassy Girl is a new Korean drama revolving around the life of a city scholar named Gyeon Woo and his relationship with Princess Hye Myung......»»

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Watch Ruler: Master Of The Mask episodes 5 and 6 live online; Kim Myung Soo teases Lee Sun"s betrayal

Ruler: Master Of The Mask is a historical drama featuring Kim So Hyun, Yoo Seung Ho, Yoon So Hee and Infinite member L a.k.a Kim So Hyun in lead roles......»»

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Watch Unknown Woman episode 6 live online: What lies ahead for Son Yeo Ri?

Korean drama Unknown Woman will revolve around Koo Do Chi and Son Yeo Ri in episode 6. Find out how the two will help each other......»»

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Watch Innocent Defendant episode 13 live online: Will Park Jung Woo end up behind bars again?

Episode 13 of Innocent Defendant will begin with a chase between Park Jung Woo and prison security in charge......»»

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