Kim Kardashian freezes her Facebook, Instagram accounts; Joins Katy Perry & more to support #StopHateForProfit

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  kim-kardashian-freezes-her-facebook-instagram-accounts-joins-katy-perry-more-to-support-stophateforprofit.jpg Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian is joining the #S.....»»

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Selena Gomez joins #StopHateForProfit; PENS DOWN note to Mark Zuckerberg: There has to be accountability

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  selena-gomez-joins-stophateforprofit.jpg Selena Gomez is going straight to the leadership of Facebook and Instagram to combat the hate and racism issues on social media platforms......»»

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Katy Perry and beau Orlando Bloom"s social media banter is the cutest thing on the internet; Check it out

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  orlando-bloom-katy-perry-social-media-bante_2.jpg Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been giving us couple goals and the latest picture from Katy Perry's Instagram will give you a.....»»

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Katy Perry reveals THIS is how she apologised to Taylor Swift and ended her feud; Details Inside

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  taylor-swift-katy-perry.jpg It is all in the past now but how did Katy Perry and Taylor Swift make it a thing of the past? Well, Katy is here to reveal it all. Katy and Taylor's f.....»»

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Kim Kardashian & Khloe Kardashian start filming KUWTK final season post announcing the end of the series

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  kim-kardashian-khloe-kardashian-start-filming-kuwtk-final-season-post-announcing-the-end-of-the-series.jpg Kim Kardashian West, Khloé Kardashian and Scott Disick were spotted fil.....»»

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Kim Kardashian on feud with Kourtney Kardashian: We have talked about everything and come to an understanding

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  kim-kardashian-on-feud-with-kourtney-kardashian-we-have-talked-about-everything-and-come-to-an-understanding.jpg Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian are at loggerheads with their.....»»

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Katy Perry shows off her growing baby bump ahead of her virtual performance at Tomorrowland festival

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  katy-perry-shows-off-her-growing-baby-bump-ahead-of-her-virtual-performance-at-tomorrowland-festival.jpg Ahead of her impending due date, singer Katy Perry is showing off her grow.....»»

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Katy Perry wants her soon to be born daughter to inherit ‘discernment & integrity’ from her

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  katy-perry-wants-her-soon-to-be-born-daughter-to-inherit-discernment-integrity-from-her.jpg Ahead of her impending due date, Katy Perry is opening up about parenthood and how she.....»»

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Pregnant Katy Perry REVEALS why What Makes a Woman from her album Smile is a secret dedication to her daughter

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  pregnant-katy-perry-reveals-why-what-makes-a-woman-from-her-album-smile-is-a-secret-dedication-to-her-daughter.jpg Katy Perry has been a busy bee quite literally as she's not only.....»»

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Smile: A pregnant Katy Perry is making up to her fans in THIS way for her upcoming album"s delay

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  smile-a-pregnant-katy-perry-is-making-up-to-her-fans-in-this-way-for-her-upcoming-albums-delay.jpg Katy Perry has had a busy 2020, to say the least! On the personal front, the sin.....»»

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Katy Perry calls her marriage with Russell Brand a ‘tornado’; Says relationship with Orlando Bloom is ‘solid’

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  katy-perry-calls-her-marriage-with-russell-brand-a-tornado-says-relationship-with-orlando-bloom-is-solid.jpg New mom and music icon Katy Perry is opening up about her relationship.....»»

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Katy Perry calls herself ‘Poopedstar’ while sharing a hilarious update on her pregnancy

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  katy-perry-calls-herself-poopedstar-while-sharing-a-hilarious-update-on-her-pregnancy_.jpg Katy Perry is just days away from her due date, and can’t wait for the baby to arrive......»»

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Katy Perry defends Ellen Degeneres amidst toxic work culture claims at her show: Sending you love & a hug

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  katy-perry-defends-ellen-degeneres-amidst-toxic-work-culture-claims-at-her-show-sending-you-love-a-hug.jpg Singer Katy Perry is speaking out to praise her friend and talk show hos.....»»

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Katy Perry shares her current weight amidst pregnancy: I"m really grateful for my body

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  katy-perry-shares-her-current-weight-amidst-pregnancy-im-really-grateful-for-my-body_.jpg Katy Perry recently opened up about her pregnancy journey. The American Idol judge joined.....»»

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WATCH: Katy Perry reveals she is hoping for a baby girl during her Melbourne performance

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  katy-perry-wants-a-baby-girl.jpg After keeping the news under wraps for months, Katy Perry finally announced her pregnancy last week. The 35-year-old singer, who is expecting her.....»»

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Katy Perry REVEALS there is ‘friction’ between her and Fiancé Orlando Bloom; Days after announcing pregnancy

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  katy-perry-reveals-there-is-friction-between-her-and-fiance.jpg Just earlier this week, Katy Perry surprised the world with her pregnancy announcement that no one saw coming. The.....»»

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Katy Perry thanks ‘uncle’ Ryan Seacrest after receiving his gift for her newborn daughter Daisy Dove Bloom

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  katy-perry-thanks-uncle-ryan-seacrest-after-receiving-his-gift-for-her-newborn-daughter-daisy-dove-bloom_.jpg New mom and singer Katy Perry is showing off the adorable gift that R.....»»

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Katy Perry shares her opinion on Kesha’s legal battle with producer Dr Luke: Only they know the truth

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  katy-perry-shares-her-opinion-on-keshas-legal-battle-with-producer-dr-luke-only-they-know-the-truth.jpg Singer Katy Perry is opening up about an ongoing legal battle between produ.....»»

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Katy Perry on surviving her ‘darkest’ times: Finding gratitude has been a journey but the outcome is worth it

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  katy-perry-on-surviving-her-darkest-times-finding-gratitude-has-been-a-journey-but-the-outcome-is-worth-it.jpg In a recent interview with People magazine, Katy Perry opened up abo.....»»

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PHOTOS: Katy Perry quips she"s "never too pregnant" for a crop top as she flaunts her baby bump

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  photos-katy-perry-quips-shes-never-too-pregnant-for-a-crop-top-as-she-flaunts-her-baby-bump.jpg Katy Perry is currently gearing up to embrace motherhood as she and fiance Orlando.....»»

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Katy Perry REVEALS the truth behind rumours of Jennifer Aniston being chosen as her daughter"s godmother

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  katy-perry-reveals-the-truth-behind-rumours-of-jennifer-aniston-being-chosen-as-her-daughters-godmother.jpg A recent report by The Mirror speculated that Katy Perry and Orlando Bl.....»»

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