Hwarang episode 9 preview: Will Sun-woo a.k.a Dog-Bird or Ji-dwi seek Ah-ro"s help?

Episode 9 of Hwarang promise to take its viewers through a roller-coaster ride......»»

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Hwarang episode 15 preview: Kim Ah-ro to reveal Ji-dwi"s real identity to Wideok of Baekje?

The time has finally come for the young warriors of Hwarang house to act smart and fight for the people of Silla......»»

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Watch Hwarang episode 13 live online: Kim Ah-ro to confront Moo-myung a.k.a Dog-Bird?

Episode 13 of Hwarang might feature Park Ban-ryu and Kim Soo-yeon as power couple......»»

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Hwarang episode 13 preview: Moo-myung and Sammaekjong to team up against Queen Mother Jiso?

The promo for Hwarang episode 13 hints at troubled moments for Moo-myung and Kim Ah-ro......»»

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Hwarang episode 11 preview: Ah-ro wakes up from dream; realises Moo-myung"s sibling love?

In Hwarang episode 10, the young and distrustful king finally realised his powers and used it to save the female lead from getting killed by commandant Hyun-chu.....»»

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Maatr Preview: Raveena Tandon Gears Up To Seek Justice

Raveena Tandon's Maatr hits the screens tomorrow. In Maatr, Raveena returns to big screen after a gap of two years, to seek justice.....»»

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Ishqbaaz: Shivaay and Anika to seek revenge for Mahi’s torture

Ishqbaaz: With Mahi's truth being revealed to Anika and SSO, they will decide to punish Kamini for torturing him so much Ishqbaaz’s last night episode saw a lot of emotions with Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) uniting with Anika (Surbhi Chandna) af.....»»

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FX"s Feud: Bette and Joan episode 4 preview: Bette"s tenth and final Oscar nomination

The upcoming episode of FX's Feud: Bette and Joan will see the actresses preparing themselves for the release of their new movie, Baby Jane......»»

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Innocent Defendant episode 11 preview: Park Jung-woo"s prison break to harm Ha-yeon?

Episode 11 of Innocent Defendant will focus on Seo Eun-hye's efforts to protect Park Jung-woo and Ha-yeon......»»

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Rebel Thief Who Stole the People episode 9 preview: Gil-dong to reunite with Nok-su?

Episode 9 of Rebel Thief Who Stole the People might feature Gil-hyun at Ilkhwari......»»

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Hwarang episode 20 (finale) recap: Season 2 to begin with Moo-myung and Ah-ro wedding?

Hwarang fans celebrated the finale of their favourite Korean mini-series with #ThankYouHwarang hashtags. Will season 2 see Moo-myung and Ah-ro wedding?.....»»

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Watch Hwarang episode 20 (finale) live online: What lies ahead for Sammaekjong and Moo-myung?

Episode 20 of Hwarang will begin with a showdown between Moo-myung and Sammaekjong......»»

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Watch Hwarang episode 19 live online: After Han-sung, Queen Mother Jiso to meet her demise?

Episode 19 of Hwarang will begin by featuring a conversation between Lord Kim Ahn-ji and Moo-myung......»»

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Missing 9 episode 11 preview: After Seo Joon-oh, Lee Yeol returns to Korea?

Episode 11 of Missing 9 will see things getting more complicated for Jo Hee-kyung, head of the Special Investigation Commission......»»

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Saimdang episode 9 preview: Lee Gyum to expose Whieumdang Choi"s real identity

Episode 9 of Saimdang is likely to feature King Joongjong's interference in Min Chi-hyung, Lee Gyum rivalry......»»

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Rebel Thief Who Stole The People episode 7 preview: Gil-dong tries to save Ah Mo-gae

Episode 7 of Rebel Thief Who Stole The People will feature Gil-dong and Song Ga-ryung's reunion......»»

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Innocent Defendant episode 9 preview: Na Yeon-hee to betray Cha Min-ho; help Ha-yeon?

Episode 9 of Defendant will feature the demise of another supporting character......»»

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Hwarang episodes 19 and 20 (finale) preview: King Jinheung to make a sacrifice for Moo-myung?

With just few days left for the finale, the rivalry between Queen Mother Jiso and her son Sammaekjong a.k.a King Jinheung is likely to take an intense turn next week......»»

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Watch Hwarang episode 18 live online: Young warriors unite to save Kim Ah-ro?

Episode 18 of Hwarang will feature a shocking revelation by Queen Mother Jiso's elder brother Lord Kim Hwi-kyung......»»

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Missing 9 episode 9 preview: Ha Ji-ah, Jung Ki-joon returns to Seoul; Will Choi Tae-ho kill them?

Episode 9 of Missing 9 might feature more bloodshed; Ra Bong-hee is likely to be behind bars......»»

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Watch Hwarang episode 17 live online: Moo-myung, Sammaekjong to move against Park Ban-ryu?

Episode 17 of Hwarang will feature Park Yeong-shil's abduction and Lord Kim Wi-hwa's next move......»»

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