Hwarang episode 9 preview: Will Sun-woo a.k.a Dog-Bird or Ji-dwi seek Ah-ro"s help?

Episode 9 of Hwarang promise to take its viewers through a roller-coaster ride......»»

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Hwarang episode 15 preview: Kim Ah-ro to reveal Ji-dwi"s real identity to Wideok of Baekje?

The time has finally come for the young warriors of Hwarang house to act smart and fight for the people of Silla......»»

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Watch Hwarang episode 9 live online: What is in store for Kim Ah-ro and Moo-myung?

Will Queen Mother Jiso confront her son Kim Ji-dwi in episode 9 of Hwarang?.....»»

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Watch Hwarang episode 13 live online: Kim Ah-ro to confront Moo-myung a.k.a Dog-Bird?

Episode 13 of Hwarang might feature Park Ban-ryu and Kim Soo-yeon as power couple......»»

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"Hwarang" release date: Upcoming Korean drama will be pre-produced like "Descendants of the Sun"

"Hwarang: The Beginning," will follow the story of the Hwarang warriors of the ancient Korean kingdom, Silla......»»

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Watch Hwarang episode 14 live online: Wedding on the cards for Princess Sukmyeong; Ban-ryu to die?

Hwarang: The Beginning, or Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, will be back with episode 14 this Tuesday, January 31, at 10pm KST on KBS 2.....»»

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Hwarang episode 13 preview: Moo-myung and Sammaekjong to team up against Queen Mother Jiso?

The promo for Hwarang episode 13 hints at troubled moments for Moo-myung and Kim Ah-ro......»»

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Hwarang episode 11 preview: Ah-ro wakes up from dream; realises Moo-myung"s sibling love?

In Hwarang episode 10, the young and distrustful king finally realised his powers and used it to save the female lead from getting killed by commandant Hyun-chu.....»»

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Watch Hwarang episode 20 (finale) live online: What lies ahead for Sammaekjong and Moo-myung?

Episode 20 of Hwarang will begin with a showdown between Moo-myung and Sammaekjong......»»

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Watch Hwarang episode 19 live online: After Han-sung, Queen Mother Jiso to meet her demise?

Episode 19 of Hwarang will begin by featuring a conversation between Lord Kim Ahn-ji and Moo-myung......»»

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Watch Hwarang episode 18 live online: Young warriors unite to save Kim Ah-ro?

Episode 18 of Hwarang will feature a shocking revelation by Queen Mother Jiso's elder brother Lord Kim Hwi-kyung......»»

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Watch Hwarang episode 17 live online: Moo-myung, Sammaekjong to move against Park Ban-ryu?

Episode 17 of Hwarang will feature Park Yeong-shil's abduction and Lord Kim Wi-hwa's next move......»»

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Watch Hwarang episode 12 live: Moo-myung, Sammaekjong bromance to end with Sukmyeong"s interference?

Episode 12 of Hwarang could be filled with bloodshed and tragic deaths......»»

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Watch Hwarang episode 11 live online: Moo-myung, Sammaekjong rivalry to begin; is Ah-ro the reason?

Episode 11 of Hwarang will focus on Queen Mother Jiso and her evil moves to harm Kim Ah-ro......»»

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Watch Hwarang episode 10 live online: King Jinheung to confront Queen Mother Jiso; save Ah-ro?

Will Hwarang overcome all the obstacles to entertain the people of Silla in episode 10?.....»»

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Hwarang episode 20 (finale) recap: Season 2 to begin with Moo-myung and Ah-ro wedding?

Hwarang fans celebrated the finale of their favourite Korean mini-series with #ThankYouHwarang hashtags. Will season 2 see Moo-myung and Ah-ro wedding?.....»»

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Take out your Binoculars for the Chennai Bird Race

You must've seen the movie "The Big year" which portrays the story of Three avid bird-watchers pursue the winner's title in a year-long bird-spotting competition. It's happening in Chennai! You heard me right. The Madras Naturalists' Society (MNS) is a n.....»»

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5 Things You Should Know About Bird Flu

5 Things You Should Know About Bird Flu Recent out breaks of bird flu in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, made people avoid chicken and eggs in their menus. While the authorities are busy culling lakhs of birds out of the poultries, let us have.....»»

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Red Alert : Bird flu hits Hyderabad

A red alert has been issued in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, after Bird flu broke out on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The bird flu outbreak was reported........»»

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Harper Lees To Kill A Mocking Bird might see a movie sequel

Harper Lees movie adaptation of To Kill a Mocking Bird was an Oscar win Go Set the Watchmen might be the sequel to Mocking bird Oprah Winfrey says she loves the movie Gregory Peck along with Mary Badham starred in Mockingbird.....»»

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Hwarang season 2: Cast member Park Hyung Sik spills the beans on series renewal?

Hwarang fans are eagerly waiting for KBS to make an official announcement regarding the renewal of the show......»»

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