How Mahesh Babu Got Rid Of Smoking Habit?

How Mahesh Babu Got Rid Of Smoking Habit?.....»»

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THIS ingredient is all you need to get rid of dandruff FOREVER

Fashion Source: STYLECRAZE Dandruff is a common war which mankind fights on a regular basis. Rains especially are the reason why most of us get infected with dandruff. Of course, there are many ways medically to get rid of them but we believe in.....»»

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Brad Pitt"s habit of chain smoking leaves his kids worried?

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  brad-oitt_2.jpg Brad Pitt and his former wives Jennifer Aniston and Angelin Jolie garner headlines almost every day and now latest reports suggest that Once Upon A Times in Hollyw.....»»

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Study says over 90 per cent e-cigarette smokers want to quit smoking

Lifestyle: PeopleLifestyleTags: e-cigarettesmokingAttach Main Lifestyle Image: Enter the Lifestyle details:  Over 60 per cent e-cigarette users want to quit smoking and over 25 per cent smokers have already tried to stop using the.....»»

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Ayushmann was an absolute natural while playing a cop - Anubhav Sinha

Anubhav Sinha on casting Ayushmann Khurrana as a hard-hitting policeman in Article 15 Continue reading ... Ayushmann Khurrana has made a habit of experimenting with new genres with each film. And one thing which is common amongst his choices is the.....»»

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Kartik Aaryan reveals he finds THIS habit of co star Ananya Panday quite annoying; Read on

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  kartikanaya.jpg Kartik Aaryan has been garnering attention not only for his films and signings, but also for being the most eligible bachelor in the industry. If that wasn't enoug.....»»

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Ishaan Khatter finds THIS habit of Janhvi Kapoor the most annoying one; Read Details

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  ishaanjanhvi.jpg Just one or two films old, Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor have already made their arrival known in Bollywood. The co-stars became close friends while filming Dh.....»»

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Do you bite your nails every time you’re stressed or anxious? Here’s how to stop it

Lifestyle: PeopleLifestyleTags: nailsbitestressedAttach Main Lifestyle Image:  Do you bite your nails every time you’re stressed or anxious? Here’s how to stop it Enter the Lifestyle details:  The habit of nail biting typic.....»»

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Rajkummar Rao and Mouni Roy starrer Made in China to recreate a hugely popular Gujarati song

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  madeinchina.jpg Looks like Bollywood won't fade away from the habit of picking up an old iconic song and remixing it any time soon. With scores of iconic songs like Mungda and Cha.....»»

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Weight Loss: 7 Easy and effective ways to get rid of water weight

Lifestyle: PeopleLifestyleTags: weight losswater weightAttach Main Lifestyle Image: Enter the Lifestyle details:  We know that the human body contains 60% water and the importance of water in our life is humongous. But there is so.....»»

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5 home remedies to get rid of dark knees and elbow

Fashion Source: STYLECRAZE Do you find it embarrassing when you wear a short dress or anything that shows off your dark knees? Sometimes it gets so severe that people would rather choose to wear full clothes than to show their dark knees off. We.....»»

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Pimples ruining your day? THIS kitchen ingredient is sure to get rid of them overnight

Fashion Source: Instagram Pimples are one of the most annoying things that can happen to any of us. They show up unexpectedly and automatically ruin one's day! But by now, we are already aware that home remedies work best on pimples. And there's.....»»

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Want clear and supple skin? Here"s how you should exfoliate EVERY part of your body

When skin cells die, very rarely do they just fall off or float away with the wind. Instead, they stick to the skin and cause it to become grimy and can even lead to infections and breakouts! Which is exactly why you need to get rid of them from all.....»»

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Easy DIY home remedies to get rid off monsoon frizzy hair

Fashion Source: HEALTHSITE The monsoons are here!! The ring of the clouds cracking, the thunder striking and the scent of the wet moist earth; is a feeling which is both inexpressible and something which takes you to the 9th cloud. The heavy pou.....»»

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Sonam Kapoor"s latest still is just what you need to get rid of your mid week blues; view PIC

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  sonmkstilldanceframe.jpg Sonam Kapoor is a total diva and there's no denying that. While her social media pages are a complete treat to watch and we just can't get enough of all t.....»»

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Weight Loss: 5 tried and tested ways to lose belly fat

Lifestyle: PeopleLifestyleTags: weight lossbelly fatAttach Main Lifestyle Image: Enter the Lifestyle details:  Losing weight and getting rid of abdominal fat is quite tough and can take a longer period of time but you should not g.....»»

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Are your pimple scars just not going away? Here are a few ways to get rid of them at home

Fashion Source: STYLECRAZE Acne is one of the worst things to happen. It not only affects the skin but also takes a toll on the confidence levels. While dealing with acne comes with its own challenges, the scars it leaves are literally like batt.....»»

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How to get rid of double chin: Simple Exercises & Diet

Lifestyle: PeopleLifestyleTags: double chinchinExercisesAttach Main Lifestyle Image: Enter the Lifestyle details:  An extra layer of fat that develops beneath the chin causes a double chin. It is also known as submental fat. It is.....»»

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Gucci"s latest lipstick campaign features unaligned teeth and challenges the idea of a "perfect smile"

Fashion Source: Instagram Anybody belonging to society is aware of the idea of the perfect smile - straight, white teeth that are well aligned and with no gaps. One beauty brand is trying to get rid of the idealistic beauty standards with their.....»»

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Sweaty hair ruining your days? THESE hairstyles are manageable look best on greasy hair

Fashion Source: Pinkvillainstagram Beating the heat doesn't come easily, especially not for our hair. It gets sweaty when the sun beats down which leads to greasy hair which is extremely unappealing. This leads us to washing it with sulphate rid.....»»

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Easy DIY method of getting rid of gel nail polish at home

Fashion Source: ELLEPEXELS It’s a known fact that everyone enjoys grooming and self pampering. When you feel good and happy from the inside it automatically starts reflecting on your face. With the World speeding at a blistering pace, we often.....»»

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