Here’s EVERYTHING you need to eat to nourish your skin and keep issues at bay

Fashion Source: getty images Beauty comes from within. Just like any other organ, the skin gets its nourishment through healthy eating. Various studies have shown a positive correlation between poor dietary pattern and skin problems like acne, d.....»»

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Benefits of Bay Leaves: THESE are the ways bay leaves can keep you healthy

Lifestyle: Food & TravelLifestyleTags: bay leaveshealth benefitsspicesAttach Main Lifestyle Image:  Benefits of Bay Leaves: THESE are the ways bay leaves can keep you healthy Enter the Lifestyle details:  The bay leaves that yo.....»»

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Aiming for flawless skin and glossy locks? Kaya makes it possible for EVERY skin and hair type

Nothing reflects your health the way that your skin does. Skin is the body's canvas and everything from what you eat in a day to how many times you touch your face impacts the health of your skin. Today, the term skincare has become a new concept in.....»»

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Oily skin, dry skin or normal skin: Different types of skin and how to determine your skin type 

Fashion Source: getty images Everybody's skin type is unique. But there are primarily five different types of skin: oily, dry, normal, combination and sensitive skin. The best way to look after your skin is to develop a skincare routine and the.....»»

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Should Pregnant women eat Eggplant? Here’s everything you need to know about it

Lifestyle: Food & TravelLifestyleTags: eggplantpregnancybrinjalAttach Main Lifestyle Image:  Should Pregnant women eat Eggplant? Here’s everything you need to know about it Enter the Lifestyle details:  There are certain food.....»»

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Skincare Tips: THESE tips can help you keep your skin moisturised during the winter season

Fashion Source: pinkvilla Winter is harsh on our skin and it often tends to take a toll on our skin. The chilly air deprives our skin of the moisture that it needs and it also drains our skin of it's natural moisture which makes our skin really.....»»

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Skin Care Tips: Here"s everything you need to know about Micellar Water

Fashion Source: Pinkvilla, getty images If you are not paying attention to your skin then you should as they are the largest organ in the body and negligence can lead to a lot of skin disorders. Cleansing skin is a big part of the skincare routi.....»»

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Does your dog eat grass? HERE’s everything you should know about their Pica behaviour

Lifestyle: PeopleLifestyleTags: pet parenting tipsPica BehaviourDogs Eating GrassAttach Main Lifestyle Image:  Does your dog eat grass? HERE’s everything you should know about their Pica behaviour Enter the Lifestyle details: .....»»

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BLACKPINK: Want glowing skin like Rosé? These are her beauty secrets that you can follow

Gallery: celebrityCelebrity Profile: RosePhoto Section : Here's how you can get amazing skin like RoséUsing a perfect oil cleanser Here's how you keep your skin clean Serums to maintain that flawless skin Sunscreen always w.....»»

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Skin care: Dull skin making you gloomy? These reasons could be what"s causing it

Fashion Source: Pixabay Everybody has faced certain skin issues like acne, scarring, discolouring and more at some point in time. Healthy, radiant and glowing skin is certainly something that is on top of everybody's list. With even tone skin,.....»»

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Food for thought: 3 superfoods you could eat and apply for shiny hair!

Fashion Source: Getty images Apply your food and eat it too! This definitely is making the best of everything. We always like to start pieces like this by telling you that when it comes to hair and skin problems, the treatments usually start wit.....»»

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From Dry to Oily Skin: The ULTIMATE morning skincare routine you need to follow based on your skin type

When it comes to skin, there are products that suit one kind and react badly with another. From dry skin to oily to normal to combination skin, ensuring that it stays smooth and supple is never easy. Blemishes, pimples, dark spots, bumps and multipl.....»»

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Skin care: 3 DIY skin remedies to get naturally baby soft and glowing skin at home

Fashion Source: Getty Images Some skin problems you cannot reverse are dry skin and sweaty skin. Both are uncomfortable in their own way and the changing weather doesn't seem to help deal with either. But with the right knowledge and some hassle.....»»

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Skincare Tips: THIS nighttime skincare routine is just what our skin needs

Fashion Source: healthline It's very important to take care of our skin on a daily basis and set a routine for our skin. Our skin too requires a little bit of care and discipline. If you want a good quality skin and want to prevent any skin prob.....»»

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THESE food items can boost your collagen levels and keep your body and skin healthy

Lifestyle: Health & FitnessLifestyleTags: healthy dietcollagen levelshealthy skin and bodyAttach Main Lifestyle Image:  THESE food items can boost your collagen levels and keep your body and skin healthy Enter the Lifestyle details:.....»»

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Skin Care: Winter care tips to keep your combination skin under control

Fashion Source: STYLECRAZE Combination is a type of skin that behaves oily in some parts and dry in others. This makes it difficult to chose products and apply them on the skin. The products made for dry skin end up causing the oily parts to tur.....»»

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Skincare Tips: THESE healthy acids help to get a glowing skin; Check it out

Fashion Source: Popxo, getty Images Sometimes normal face wash, creams and scrubs are not enough to pamper your skin. Therefore, you need healthy acids to revamp your skin. There are numerous types of acids with nutrients to use for your skin. S.....»»

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Skincare: Can"t stop scratching? Here"s everything you need to know about itchy skin & how to treat it

Fashion Source: Getty ImagesGlamour Has there ever been a time when you’ve constantly been scratching your skin so much so that it causes a rash or for the skin to tear up? You're not alone.  As we move from winter into the summer, the air is.....»»

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Skin Care Tips: Try THESE natural moisturisers for an oily skin

Fashion Source: pinkvilla Having oily skin is difficult and the worst part is the stickiness and ickiness of having oily skin. Oily skin always poses a challenge from skincare to beauty products it's all a big hassle because oily skin also comes.....»»

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Health Tips: Here"s your guide to eat right when you are exhausted

Lifestyle: Health & FitnessLifestyleTags: tired personfatigue and exhaustionHealth tipsAttach Main Lifestyle Image:  Health Tips: Here's your guide to eat right when you are exhausted Enter the Lifestyle details:  Do you h.....»»

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Skincare: Here"s what we all need to know about pimple patches before using them

Fashion Source: pinkvillapixabaygetty images Everyone has a different skin type and we all have different skincare routines to suit our skin. But if you have oily or acne-prone skin it means that your skin needs more care and love than the other.....»»

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