Blueberry Eyes: MAX & wife Emily exchange wedding vows to BTS member Suga"s rap verse dedicated to ARMY

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  blueberry_eyes_max_and_wife_emily_exchange_wedding_vows_to_bts_member_sugas_rap_verse_dedicated_to_army.jpg "Kiss you each morning / With strawberry skies / I get so lost in / You.....»»

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Preview: After Burn It, BTS" Suga collaborates with MAX for Blueberry Eyes; The nod to "ARMY" is unmissable

Preview: After Burn It, BTS" Suga collaborates with MAX for Blueberry Eyes; The nod to "ARMY" is unmissable.....»»

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EXCLUSIVE: MAX on "taking risks" with Colour Vision and how he can"t imagine Blueberry Eyes without BTS Suga

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  max_colour_vision_exclusive_interview.jpg 2020 has indeed been quite a year for Max Schneider aka MAX as not only has he released new foot-tapping/swoon-worthy music but will soon.....»»

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MAX reveals his favourite song from AGUST D"s D 2; Says BTS member Suga never fakes a smile in a conversation

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  max-reveals-his-favourite-song-from-agust-ds-d-2-says-bts-member-suga-never-fakes-a-smile-in-a-conversation.jpg BTS' D-7 countdown, earlier this year, had ARMY in a state of compl.....»»

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Kanye West gets SLAMMED for scraping Nicki Minaj’s verse from his upcoming song New Body

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  kanye-west-gets-slammed-for-scraping-nicki-minajs-verse-from-his-upcoming-song-new-body.jpg Kanye West is once again making headlines for scraping Nicki Minaj’s verse from his n.....»»

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BTS member Suga asks ARMY if they ate "chicken with salt" while thanking them for love filled birthday wishes

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  suga-bts-birthday.jpg The BTS ARMY has been busy celebrating Suga's birthday. The Bangtan Boy turned 27 today and fans are doing everything in their hand to make it a memorable oc.....»»

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BTS member Suga takes over Times Square and ARMY flock to take pictures with Min Yoongi; See Pics & Videos

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  suga-bts-birthday-times-square.jpg It is Suga Day! Min Yoongi turns 26 today and BTS, along with the ARMY, is making sure he has a memorable birthday. On one hand, the Bangtan Boy.....»»

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VIDEO: IU fans listen to her collab with BTS" Suga; left emotional over lyrics & love the rap part of Eight

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  video-iu-fans-listen-to-her-collab-with-bts-suga-left-emotional-over-lyrics-and-love-the-rap-part-of-eight.jpg Besides making delectable music as a septet, the members of BTS also.....»»

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Still With You: BTS" Jungkook becomes worldwide trend as ARMY left emotional over solo track dedicated to them

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  still-with-you-bts-jungkook-becomes-worldwide-trend-as-army-left-emotional-over-solo-track-dedicated-to-them.jpg FESTA brings a lot of joy to ARMY as BTS go out of their way to th.....»»

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PICS: BTS" J Hope visits Suga, Jin & Jungkook on Daechwita MV set along with coffee truck dedicated to AGUST D

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  pics-bts-j-hope-visits-suga-jin-and-jungkook-on-daechwita-mv-set-along-with-coffee-truck-dedicated-to-agust-d.jpg One of the best parts of any BTS related music video is the fact.....»»

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BTS" Suga shares notes from 134340, Outro: Tear; ARMY tease Yoongi over "F**k you show me the money" line

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  suga-bts-songs-twitter.jpg Sunday got a tad better courtesy Suga. BTS has been laying low due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The singers have been homebound. RM, Suga, V, Jin, Jimin.....»»

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Did BTS member Jimin have a cameo in Suga"s Interlude: Shadow Comeback Trailer MV? ARMY DECODES

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  did-bts-member-jimin-have-a-cameo-in-sugas-interlude-shadow-comeback-trailer-mv-army-decodes.jpg BTS is currently making ARMY go crazy in the best of ways by making 2020 a memorab.....»»

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BTS of the Day: BTS member J Hope aka Hobi"s black haired selfie is sending ARMY on a thirst overdrive

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  bts-of-the-day-bts-member-j-hope-aka-hobis-black-haired-selfie-is-sending-army-on-a-thirst-overdrive.jpg BTS is really going above and beyond to be by ARMY's side, even if it is v.....»»

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BTS: V"s simple request to sasaengs, Suga"s crucial advice for ARMY & RM"s jaw dropping expenditure on airpods

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  bts-v-rm-suga.jpg A few members of the BTS band were in the mood to have a quick and fun chat with the ARMY. Suga, RM and V sat down to host the VLIVE this weekend where they open.....»»

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Emily Blunt wants to go back in time and change THIS about her and John Krasinski’s wedding ceremony

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  emily-blunt-wants-to-go-ack-i-time.jpg Emily Blunt and John Krasinski will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in July. And while the two look perfect together and never fail.....»»

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Mad Max 5: Director George Miller reveals the next film will be a Furiosa prequel without Charlize Theron

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  mad-max-5-director-george-miller-reveals.jpg Get ready some more Mad Max action. Filmmaker George Miller recently confirmed that he is all set to add another film to the Mad Max u.....»»

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RM, Jin, Suga, J Hope, Jimin, V or Jungkook: Which BTS member is the ideal boyfriend material? VOTE NOW

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  rm-jin-suga-j-hope-jimin-v-or-jungkook-which-bts-member-is-the-ideal-boyfriend-material-vote-now.jpg For ARMY, other men will always feel unworthy in comparison to the BTS members.....»»

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RM, Jin, Suga, J Hope, V, Jimin or Jungkook: Who is the most handsome member of BTS? VOTE NOW

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  rm-jin-suga-j-hope-v-jimin-or-jungkook-who-is-the-most-handsome-member-of-bts-vote-now.jpg If you're a part of ARMY, you're definitely amidst the lucky bunch as BTS is doing every.....»»

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EXCLUSIVE: Ex WWE wrestler No Way Jose REVEALS why BTS member Suga is his bias: When he raps, it"s impactful

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  exclusive-ex-wwe-wrestler-no-way-jose-reveals-why-bts-member-suga-is-his-bias-when-he-raps-its-impactful.jpg ARMY would agree in tandem that when you enter the BTS fandom, there r.....»»

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BTS leader RM floods the internet with HILARIOUS photos of birthday boy Suga; Check them out

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  bts-suga-birthday-rm.jpg Trust BTS to make your day a little extra nice. The Bangtan Boys have been busy celebrating Suga's birthday. The BTS member turned 27 and the K-Pop band i.....»»

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BTS ARMY brims with emotions after watching IU x Suga Eight music video; Say "Your voice makes me wanna cry"

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  bts-army-brims-with-emotions.jpg After teasing it for a while, IU finally released her new song titled Eight featuring BTS’s Suga, and ARMY is flipping out! BTS fans are having.....»»

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