Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma calls Arshi Khan a negative person, thanks his army of fans for the support

Priyank Sharma has come back to Mumbai and here's all he has said after coming out of the Bigg Boss house When Priyank Sharma was introduced as one of the celebrity contestants of Bigg Boss 11, many, including us expected to see him atleast in th.....»»

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Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma body shames Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan, calls them "saands"

priyank-sharma-7592.jpg Priyank Sharma's re-entry in the Bigg Boss 11 house was expected to add some spice to the drama but Sharma has been making his fans regret wanting him back. Why do we say this? Well, instead o.....»»

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Bigg Boss 11: Salman Khan calls Priyank Sharma-Luv Tyagi Hina Khan"s Bodyguard; Shilpa Shinde Mother India

biggboss-11.png The finale of Bigg Boss 11 is finally here and fans cannot wait to see who will win the show. The top four finalists are Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta, and Puneesh Sharma.   The former contes.....»»

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Bigg Boss 11: Priyank"s fans beat Arshi"s publicist after he objects to "teen hazar mein sone wali aurat" comment

Arshi Khan's publicist has alleged that Priyank Sharma's fans assaulted him on open road in Mumbai......»»

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Bigg Boss 11: Fans think that Hina Khan and Akash Dadlani may get nominated this week

akash-hina-khan.jpg Bigg Boss house is full of drama, never-ending fights, and gossips. Be it Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Akash Dadlani, Priyank Sharma or Arshi Khan, everyone is busy taking each other down.  In the l.....»»

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Bigg Boss 11: Was Salman Khan biased towards Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan? Vote

Vote and tell us if you think Salman Khan is being a biased host on Bigg Boss 11. Salman Khan took a stand against Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma this weekend on Bigg Boss 11. Though it was much-needed on the show, fans think that Bhai was biased i.....»»

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Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan wins more supporters than Priyank Sharma after the nasty courtroom drama task

Fans pick Arshi Khan over Priyank Sharma. The recent outburst in the Bigg Boss 11 house has made fans take sides yet again. The courtroom drama task took a toll on the audience more than the housemates. Arshi Khan was accused of adultery in the.....»»

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Bigg Boss 11: Puneesh Sharma gets into a fight with Sapna Choudhary, calls her DON of the house

A massive fight breaks out between Sapna Choudhary and Puneesh Sharma on Bigg Boss 11. Let’s move over Arshi Khan, Priyank Sharma and Hina Khan’s ugly fight for some time. The ongoing luxury budget task in Bigg Boss 11 has contestant.....»»

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Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan or Priyank Sharma, whose side are you on after the recent outburst?

Which one of these Bigg Boss 11 contestants do you support? Vote and tell us! To be honest, tonight’s episode left us confused as to whether the fight between Arshi Khan and Priyank Sharma was real or for the task. But we do know that it.....»»

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Bigg Boss 11: Fans want Priyank Sharma to be thrown out of the house after his crass comments on Arshi Khan

Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan fans demand for Priyank Sharma's eviction this week Priyank Sharma is losing his fandom by the day. His second tenure on Bigg Boss 11 has done more harm than good. In his very first Weekend Ka Vaar, he was reprimanded by.....»»

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Bigg Boss 11: Hypocrite Priyank Sharma got away with stripping but calls Arshi Khan provocative! Isn’t that unfair?

Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma slut shames Arshi Khan Bigg Boss 11 is all set to air one of the biggest fights of the season. We are going to see Priyank Sharma accuse Arshi Khan of gymming provocatively and tearing her clothes. This will infuriate.....»»

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Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma gets slammed by viewers for his comments on Arshi Khan – read tweets

Bigg Boss 11: Fans lose their cool over Priyank Sharma's latest comments Remember how much Priyank Sharma fans petitioned for him to come back on Bigg Boss 11, when he was ousted only after a week? It is funny how the good-looking lad has managed.....»»

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Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma slut-shames Arshi Khan in courtroom; fans respond

Salman Khan had earlier warned Priyank Sharma when he made demeaning remarks on Arshi Khan in the initial episodes......»»

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Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan shouts her lungs out when Priyank Sharma indirectly calls her naked

It all started when Arshi Khan, who was working in the kitchen, heard Priyank Sharma saying that half people in the Bigg Boss house shouldn't be talking to her......»»

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Bigg Boss 11: Is Salman Khan WRONG in lashing out at Priyank Sharma? Fans REACT

Priyank Sharma has landed in legal trouble for discussing Arshi Khan's cases in Bigg Boss 11 house......»»

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Bigg Boss 11 27th October 2017 Episode 27 preview: Priyank Sharma FINALLY re-enters the house, Sapna Choudhary and Arshi Khan get into another major fight

Here's what to expect from tomorrow's episode of Bigg Boss 11 So the most-awaited moment has finally served itself. We EXCLUSIVELY told you that Priyank Sharma re-entered the Bigg Boss house last night. Fans of Priyank, who have been waiting to s.....»»

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Vikas Gupta calls Hina Khan ‘Lala Land ki Laliyaaa’, says there"s no better style icon than her

HinaKhanVikasGupta.jpg Bigg Boss 11’s Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan have turned out to be great buddies outside the house. The two have been seen hanging out together with Rocky Jaiswal and Priyank Sharma as companions.....»»

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Arshi Khan is mighty UPSET with Shilpa Shinde – find out why

Arshi is really hurt and the reason is Shilpa Arshi Khan threw a party couple of days back and invited some of her Bigg Boss 11 co-contestants. Vikas Gupta, Akash Dadlani, Sabyasachi Satapathy, Priyank Sharma, Jyoti Kumari and Mehjabi Siddiqui tu.....»»

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Bigg Boss 11 ex-contestants Arshi Khan, Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma party together. See photos

Bigg Boss 11 ex-contestants Arshi Khan, Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma party together. See photos.....»»

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Bigg Boss 11 reunion! Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta, Priyank Sharma & Arshi Khan party together, see pics

Missing Bigg Boss 11 and all the gossip around housemates in Salman Khan's show? Well, looks like even Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma, Akash Dadlani are missing each other as all of them gathered at Arshi Khan's house again for a fun.....»»

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Bigg Boss 11 grand finale: Priyank Sharma supports Vikas Gupta over Hina Khan and Salman Khan calls him ‘bewafa’

The grand finale of Bigg Boss 11 is going to be very entertaining Bigg Boss 11 grand finale is here and we can’t wait to find out who will be the winner between Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde. We have already told you that Vikas Gupta and Pun.....»»

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