Bepannaah April 16, 2018, Written update: Aditya and Zoya put behind bars

Bepannah-Stock-40.jpg The episode starts with Aditya saving Zoya from a fatal accident. However, the Kapoor's blame the duo for all the mess and call police to prosecute them under criminal charges. Meanwhile, Bella.....»»

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Bepannaah April 30, 2018, Written Update: Aditya finds Pooja"s name inscribed in the ring worn by Zoya

Bepannaah-April-30-2018.jpg The episode starts with Zoya looking shocked after seeing divorce papers signed by Yash. She says Yash signed it but not Pooja. Aditya sees it by himself and they both aren't able to belie.....»»

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Bepannaah April 26, 2018, Written Update: Zoya gets kidnapped; Aditya shows her intimate photos of Yash-Pooja

Bepannaah-April-26-2018-Written-Update-Zoya-gets-kidnapped-Aditya-shows-her-intimate-photos-of-Yash-Pooja.jpg Today's episode of Bepannaah starts as Aditya reaches the orphanage where Zoya has planned his surprise b.....»»

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Bepannaah, 26 April, 2018, LIVE Written Update: What will Zoya do after Aditya shows her intimate pictures of Pooja and Yash?

Here's what's happening on tonight's episode of Jennifer Winget-Harshad Chopra starrer Bepannaah Yesterday, in Bepannaah, Aditya finally reaches the orphanage where Zoya has planned the surprise birthday party which Pooja had planned earlier. Whi.....»»

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Bepannaah April 25, 2018, Written Update: Zoya wears Pooja"s saree for the birthday party; Aditya gets furious

Bepannaah12.jpg Zoya is doing everything to make Aditya’s birthday successful because she believes that would make Aditya believe that Pooja only loved him.   Mahi takes Zoya to an orphanage and tells her to organ.....»»

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Bepannaah April 24, 2018, Written Update: Yash"s mom calls Zoya characterless after seeing her with Aditya

Bepannaah-April-24-2018-Written-Update-Yashs-mom-calls-Zoya-characterless-after-seeing-her-with-Aditya.jpg The episode starts with Mahi telling Zoya to sneak out of the house without telling her mother-in-law. Zoya s.....»»

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Bepannaah 24 April 2018, LIVE Written Update: Zoya feels that Aditya will have only good memories of Pooja after the birthday party

Here's what's happening on tonight's episode of Bepannaah Tonight’s episode of Bepannaah begins with Zoya telling Mahi that sneaking out of the house is a bad idea and that they should take permission from their mom. However, Mahi tells her.....»»

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Bepannaah April 23, 2018, Written Update: Zoya and Aditya have cute and happy moments together

Bepannaah16.jpg The episode starts with Zoya discussing her surprise plans for Aditya's birthday to her team.   Mahi taunts Noor for being lazy and Noor gives it back by comparing her to Zoya. Noor appreciates Zoya.....»»

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Bepannaah 20 April 2018, LIVE Written Update: While Zoya plans Aditya’s birthday, he decides to never celebrate it

Bepannaah 20 April 2018, Written Update Full Episode: Zoya plans to organise Aditya's birthday the way Pooja has planned Yesterday in Bepannaah we saw Zoya goes to meet with Ashish but finds out he has already left somewhere. Mahi tries to convin.....»»

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Bepannaah 19 April 2018, LIVE Written Update: Mahi tries to blackmail Aditya by showing his picture with Yash

Bepannaah 19 April 2018, Written Update Full Episode: Aditya gets all the flashbacks where Pooja was holding Yash's hands In Bepannaah‘s last episode we saw how Aditya protects Zoya from the goons during the curfew. They finally spend the n.....»»

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Bepannaah April 19, 2018 Written Update: Maahi tells Zoya that Aditya is behind Ashish"s disappearance

bepannaah_2_1.jpg   Today's episode starts with Arjun Hooda asking about Noor, but she has already left.  He finds Noor's book. Zoya returns home and Yash’s mother gets angry. Zoya tries to explain the reason beh.....»»

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Bepannaah April 18, 2018 Written Update: Zoya SLAPS Aditya but the latter saves her

bepannaah_2.jpg The episode starts with Zoya getting alert by a movement in the office. Aditya returns to the office and accidentally hurts himself while recounting his times with Pooja. As he approaches the washroom.....»»

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Bepannaah 18 April 2018, LIVE Written Update: Zoya and a drunk Aditya have a heated encounter in the office

Bepannaah 18 April 2018, Written Update Full Episode: Zoya and Aditya share some close moments Yesterday in Jennifer Winget and Harshad Chopra‘s Bepannaah we saw how Jennifer aka Zoya gets stuck in office due to curfew. On the other hand,.....»»

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Bepannaah 17 April 2018, LIVE Written Update: Mahi gets a picture of Yash and Aditya together

Bepannaah 17 April 2018, Written Update Full Episode: Jennifer Winget aka Zoya stays stuck inside the office due to curfew and Harshad Chopra aka Aditya gets stuck at the road Bepannaah starts with Aditya seeing a clip where he spots Mahi in the.....»»

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Bepannaah April 17, 2018, written update: Zoya is determined to make Aditya believe Yash & Pooja were innocent

bep.jpg The episode starts with Aditya and Arjun discussing over the incident. Aditya sees the video of them getting arrested on YouTube and notices Mahi's smirk. Post this, he asks Arjun to make sure Zoya is out on.....»»

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Bepannaah April 13, 2018, Written update: Ashish tells Zoya about Yash and Pooja’s first meeting

bepannaah_2.jpg Today’s episode of Bepannaah starts with Zoya and Aditya’s argument. Zoya accuses Aditya of sending Rohan to her room. Aditya gets shocked on hearing all the accusations. He tries to make her beli.....»»

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Bepannaah April 11, 2018, Written update: Aditya is concerned about Zoya"s health

Bepannah.jpg Today's episode start with Mahi explaining Madhu that Zoya is their ATM and she should be treating her well.  Yash’s mother refuses to accept that Zoya is nowhere responsible for Yash’s fate. Mahi a.....»»

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Bepannaah April 10, 2018, Written update: Zoya is in the ICU because of Aditya"s fault

Bepannah.jpg Aditya has left Zoya alone at the terrace. She is hurt and meanwhile, she gets a call from an intern only to realize that her battery is completely drained.    Cut to the next scene, Wasim is seen sitt.....»»

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Bepannaah April 9, 2018, Written update: Aditya bursts out at Zoya

Bepannaah.jpg Bepannaah has been in the news ever since it has been announced. In today's episode, Zoya was seen on a call with sister Noor and then, she sees Yash's friend Abhishek at the sangeet party of Bella and.....»»

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Bepannaah April 6, 2018, Written update: Aditya and Zoya dance together

bepannaah.jpg Zoya calls the manager from Ashish's company, however, the manager informs her that Ashish doesn't work there anymore.   Zoya's mother-in-law becomes furious seeing Mehendi on Zoya's hand. Her mother-i.....»»

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Bepannaah April 5, 2018, Written Update: Zoya successfully organises Mehendi function

Bepannaah5.jpg Today's episode begins with Zoya organizing Bela’s Mehendi ceremony, a challenge given to her by Aditya. She has to complete the challenge within 24 hours with the help of interns.    When Zoya arr.....»»

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