Avengers: Infinity War cast tease MAJOR spoilers; from superhero deaths to Thanos" role, 7 CRUCIAL details revealed [VIDEOS]

The trailer of Avengers: Infinity War was released at Disney's D23 and the cast sat down to discuss plot spoilers and tease fans......»»

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Avengers: Infinity War trailer reveals MAJOR Thor: Ragnarok spoiler; Thanos is not the ONLY villain [PHOTOS]

Avengers: Infinity War's trailer has been released at D23 and it is epic. Here are a few details about the spoilers revealed by the Marvel trailer......»»

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Deadpool 2 Cable actor confirmed; Ryan Reynolds is not happy about the cast?

Avengers: Infinity War Thanos actor to play Cable's role in the Deadpool sequel. While Marvel hasn't revealed why they chose the same actor for two roles, Twitter spoke on the studio's behalf......»»

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Wonder Woman spoilers leaked: Batman to play crucial role in connecting the movie with Justice League? [VIDEO]

In a major leak, the entire framework of Wonder Woman has been revealed. The details include the story, how Wonder Woman meets Arse and Batman's role in Wonder Woman......»»

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Revealed! This is what Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Spider-Man will be up to in Avengers: Infinity War – read first official synopsis

Thanos will be their biggest enemy yet... No one would’ve imagined that a second grade Marvel superhero will start a trend that will snowball into Hollywood’s biggest movie franchise. That second grade Marvel superhero is, now legenda.....»»

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Avengers: Leaked Infinity War-making photos reveal CRUCIAL spoilers [PHOTO+VIDEOS]

Fans are finding their way to the Avengers: Infinity War filming location at Edinburgh, Scotland, and revealing to the world spoilers from the sets......»»

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Avengers 4: A huge Iron Man SPOILER just dropped; more details surface online [PHOTOS]

While fans wait for the official Avengers: Infinity War trailer to drop, Marvel has begun filming Avengers 4 and a few spoilers from the sets have hit the internet......»»

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Avengers: Infinity War and Thor trailer watch online: Where to watch, trailer release time and more details

Marvel Studios will present new Avengers: Infinity War and Thor: Ragnarok trailer and spoilers at the San Diego Comic Con 2017 on July 22, Saturday......»»

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Justice League spoilers: Superman Henry Cavill to lead the league in a CRUCIAL battle? New photos tease his role

With a few months left for Justice League's release, fans are curious about the role of Superman Henry Cavill in the DCEU movie......»»

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Christopher Nolan to play a MAJOR role in shaping Matt Reeves" The Batman? Here"s what the director has to say

After Justice League releases, Ben Affleck will get down to business with DCEU's solo venture into The Batman. Matt Reeves reveals crucial details about the upcoming Batman movie......»»

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Justice League: Apart from Aquaman, another superhero"s love interest to feature in DCEU movie

Justice League is in the process of announcing the star cast. First Wonder Woman stars revealed they will return for the League movie, and now, another cast confirmation teases more spoilers......»»

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Did Avengers: Infinity War"s Thanos actor confirm an encounter with Hela through deleted BTS picture? [PHOTO]

Avengers: Infinity War is slated to release next summer. However, the actors and directors from the Marvel movie are teasing spoilers from the MCU release......»»

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix audition clips hint at Rogue recast [VIDEOS]

The new X-Men: Dark Phoenix has two important updates – one about the production date and the other on a crucial cast. Here's all the details on the X-Men movie releasing next year......»»

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Oops! Avengers 4 title and a CRUCIAL spoiler accidentally revealed by Guardians of the Galaxy actress Zoe Saldana! [VIDEO]

The title of Avengers fourth sequel was kept under wraps as the name revealed a big Avengers: Infinity War spoiler. But Guardians 2 actress gives it away. Here's what the title is!.....»»

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Marvel"s Kevin Feige teases Avengers 4; reveals CRUCIAL details about the sequel

Though Marvel is busy with the filming of the Avengers: Infinity War, releases of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok, the studio is already gearing up for Avengers 4......»»

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Avengers - Infinity War spoilers: Vision and Scarlet Witch clicked during intimate moment [PHOTOS+VIDEOS]

Fans have shared new videos and photos from the sets of Avengers' sequel in Edinburgh. This important spoiler has made it difficult to wait for the release of Avengers: Infinity War......»»

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Tomb Raider cast spoilers: THIS Star Wars actor lands in a major role

Swedish actress Alicia Vikander will reprise the iconic role of Lara Croft (which was actually played by Angelina Jolie in 2001) in the Tomb Raider reboot......»»

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Justice League: Game of Thrones star reveals MAJOR spoilers after confirming his place in the League [VIDEO]

Game of Thrones fans rejoice as a member of the House of Bolton joins the cast of Justice League. The actor also revealed what to expect from the DC/Warner Bros movie......»»

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Justice League: Steppenwolf actor Ciaran Hinds teases DC villain; reveal spoilers

The 64-year-old Irish actor has revealed details about Steppenwolf's role in Justice League, the filming techniques and how he landed a role in the Zack Snyder-directorial......»»

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Big Little Lies: Five CRUCIAL details you didn"t know about the HBO miniseries [VIDEOS]

This year's most popular HBO miniseries concluded on Sunday night. The cast and crew of the show are finally opening up about their experiences working on the show......»»

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Spider-Man Homecoming trailer: Twitter approves of Tom Holland entry into the Avengers: Infinity War [VIDEO]

The second trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming released online revealing MAJOR plot details. Here's where you can watch the trailer......»»

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