Deadpool 2: Stunt woman dies on set after crashing bike through a glass window

Vancouver police has not released the name of the victim yet, but as per claims by fan clubs on Twitter, she might be a stunt double for Zazie Beetz Production of Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming superhero film Deadpool 2, which is currently filmin.....»»

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[Video] Shah Rukh Khan just reacted to the bizarre rumours of AbRam being Aryan’s love child

Shah Rukh Khan opened up about a rumour we thought he didn't care. We have heard and read a lot of interviews of Shah Rukh Khan.  We have also heard a plethora of his inspiring speeches but the way he opened up at TED2017 in Vancouver, which ha.....»»

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New Deadpool 2 set video reveals FIRST LOOK of Julian Dennison"s mutant character [SPOILERS]

Deadpool 2 is currently filming in Vancouver, Canada and a new footage from the sets reveal an interesting behind the scene moment......»»

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"Deadpool 2" stuntwoman"s death a "freak low-speed accident"

"Deadpool 2" stuntwoman Joi SJ Harris death was a freak low-speed accident, a preliminary investigation has suggested.Harris was killed in a motorcycle crash on August 15 on the Vancouver set of the movie, starring actor Ryan Reynolds in the lead.Dea.....»»

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Deadpool 2: Ryan Reynolds and Brianna Hildebrand getting oddly close on sets?

Deadpool 2 is currently being filmed in Vancouver, Canada. Amidst the news of the stuntwoman's tragic death, reports are suggesting that two lead actors from the X-Men movie are getting close......»»

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Johnny Depp visits children"s hospital dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow

Hollywood star Johnny Depp visited a children?s hospital in Vancouver, Canada, dressed as his famous character from ?.....»»

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"Deadpool 2" stuntwoman who died is motorcycle racer S.J. Harris

The stuntwoman who died on the film set of "Deadpool 2" in Vancouver on Monday was S. J a 40-year-old from New York, a spokesman for the province of British Columbia's coroners service said on Tuesday......»»

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"Deadpool 2" stunt person dead after on-set accident

A female stunt person has died while performing a motorcycle stunt on the set of Ryan Reynolds "Deadpool 2". Joi "SJ" Harris, who was killed in a motorcycle crash on the Vancouver set of "Deadpool 2", has been identified as the first African-American.....»»

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Deadpool 2 stuntwoman dead: Who was she and how did she die?

The cast and crew of Deadpool 2, who is currently filming in Vancouver, Canada, mourned the loss of a stuntwoman who died after a motorcycle stunt went out-of-control......»»

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Female stunt driver dies on Vancouver set of "Deadpool 2"

A representative for movie studio 20th Century Fox, a unit of Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. , did not immediately respond to Reuters for comment......»»

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New images trickle down from the sets of "Deadpool 2"

Josh Brolin's 'Cable' chills with little Deadpool on Vancouver sets of the sequel......»»

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Deadpool 2: Ryan Reynolds takes a DIG at Spider-Man Tom Holland in new photo

Deadpool 2 is currently being shot in Vancouver. The busy filming schedule is not withholding Ryan Reynolds from having some fun......»»

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Deadpool 2: Domino films MID AIR stunt scene with Ryan Reynolds [PHOTOS]

Deadpool 2's filming has been in Vancouver, Canada and a few pictures from the filming location have been shared with fans online......»»

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Shah Rukh Khan reveals at TED Talks how the Muslim son of a freedom fighter became the king of romance

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  SRKTED.PNG Shah Rukh Khan spoke mostly of his life, before and after stardom - at the TED Talks in Vancouver. Towards the end of his speech, SRK spoke about India, its spiritualit.....»»

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Deadpool 2: Cable actor Josh Brolin teases a possible Thanos connection in Deadpool sequel [VIDEO]

Deadpool 2 is being filmed in Vancouver and new photos from the filming location are keeping fans abuzz. Now, Cable actor Josh Brolin has teased Deadpool 2's plot, his role and the comedy elements......»»

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Shah Rukh on ugly rumours about his son

Shah Rukh Khan who delivered his speech TED Talk 2017 in Vancouver Canada earlier today talked about an embarrassing rumour that has been making rounds about his son Shah Rukh Khan, who delivered his speech TED Talk 2017 in Vancouver (Cana.....»»

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Shah Rukh Khan at TED: It was said AbRam was the love child of my 15 year old son Aryan

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  SRKTEDTalksAryanAbRam.jpg Though Shah Rukh Khan began his speech on a lighter note at the TED Talks in Vancouver, he did touch upon more serious topics and how stardom also affect.....»»

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After rocking at TED Talks, SRK reveals he likes Ellen DeGeneres" kind of speeches

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  SRKEllenTEDTalkspraises.jpg Shah Rukh Khan brought the house down with his wit and humour at the TED Talks 2017 held in Vancouver, Canada. After receiving a lot of appreciation f.....»»

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Shah Rukh Khan is at windy LA enroute to Vancouver

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  SRKInVancouver.jpg We know that Shah Rukh Khan is heading to Vancouver to participate in the very popular TED Talks event.  Yesterday, the superstar had shared a pic saying, "Off.....»»

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Shah Rukh Khan at TED Talks - I sell dreams and I peddle love to millions of people back home

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  Shah-Rukh-Khan-TED-Talks1.jpg Shah Rukh Khan made the country proud by delivering an impeccable speech at TED Talks 2017 held in Vancouver, Canada. During the show, SRK announced.....»»

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