Kendall Jenner on her controversial Pepsi commercial: I felt so f**king stupid

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  Kendall-Jenner-on-her-controversial-Pepsi-commercial-I-felt-so-fking-stupid.jpg In April, supermodel and reality star Kendall Jenner appeared in a Pepsi ad. What should have been.....»»

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Kendall Jenner breaks down about Pepsi ad backlash on social media

Kendall Jenner finally breaks silence about her first ever controversy. The season premier of KUWTK saw the supermodel sobbing while talking about it......»»

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Kendall Jenner’s much publicised Pepsi ad is out and people are HATING it – find out why

Twitterati is mighty miffed with Kendall Jenner and Pepsi for their latest 'rebellious' ad. Some people are calling Kendall Jenner a rebel without cause in the latest ad of Pepsi. But many are hating the latest ad featuring the supermodel. After.....»»

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Not again! Kendall Jenner"s new Adidas ad comes under fire

Prior to the Adidas ad, Kendall Jenner had drawn flak for a Pepsi commercial for trivialising political and civil rights protests......»»

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From "disrespectful" music icon T-shirts to Pepsi commercial: Kendall Jenner"s 7 biggest controversies

Kendall Jenner, who is the new controversy queen, is criticised for her latest clothing line that features photos of Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G. and other celebrities......»»

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Madonna takes swipe at Pepsi after Kendall Jenner’s ad controversy

Madonna takes swipe at Pepsi after Kendall Jenner’s ad controversy.....»»

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Pepsi drops ad accused of mocking "Black Lives" protests

Pepsi drops ad accused of mocking "Black Lives" protests.....»»

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Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad taken off for trivialising Black Lives Matter movement

Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad taken off for trivialising Black Lives Matter movement.....»»

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From Coke’s flower power to Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad – how ads co-opt protest

From Coke’s flower power to Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad – how ads co-opt protest.....»»

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In the eye of the storm: After Kendall Jenner"s Pepsi commercial, Cara Delevingne"s Rimmel mascara ad gets banned

Cara Delevingne's Rimmel mascara ad has been banned for misleading buyers. The brand has been accused of using production techniques to exaggerate the effects of the product.....»»

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"Saturday Night Live" mocks United Airlines, Pepsi advert

Jimmy Fallon returned to "Saturday Night Live" as host and appeared in a sketch which mocked both United Airlines and Pepsi advert......»»

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"SNL" mocks Donald Trump, Kendall Jenner"s Pepsi ad

Actor Alec Baldwin was back as Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live" and mocked the President's policy on economy, health care and Syria strikes......»»

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Kendall Jenner"s career in jeopardy after controversial Pepsi commercial? [VIDEO]

Experts believe that Kendall Jenner should apologise to everyone for the controversial Pepsi commercial, which was pulled down after public outcry......»»

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Madonna throws major shade at Kendall Jenner"s tone deaf Pepsi ad

Madonna joined the long list of celebrities bashing the advertisement done by the brand.....»»

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Martin Luther King Jr"s daughter responds to Kendall Pepsi ad

Bernice King, the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr, is speaking out about Kendall Jenner's Pepsi commercial as it is being accused of appropriating civil rights movements......»»

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Pepsi, Nivea pull "racist" ads; here are 5 other commercials that were withdrawn following public outcry [VIDEOS]

Pepsi and Nivea also issued statements apologising for the commercials that invited widespread backlash......»»

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After the severe backlash faced by Kendall Jenner, Pepsi pulls down the ad

Pepsi Co has pulled down the ad featuring Kendall Jenner after receiving severe backlash. Read their statement. Pepsi is very apologetic for making Kendall Jenner a part of their latest ad campaign. Well, they are sorry that along with the br.....»»

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Kendall Jenner Pepsi advert causes outrage and amusement on Twitter

Reaction to the advert, which shows the reality TV star leaving a modelling shoot to join a protest, has gone viral, with many social media users mocking it. 21-year-old Jenner goes on to hand a police officer a can of Pepsi in the advert, which he.....»»

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Fans and celebrities blast, mock Kendall Jenner for new Pepsi commercial

The new Pepsi commercial, featuring Victoria's Secret model Kendall Jenner, is a protest-themed ad that has not gone down well with fans and celebrities......»»

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Fawad Khan returns to music with mega Pepsi project

star will soon be a part of Pepsi?s mega music venture, which is going to be their biggest advent into music since Pepsi Smash and Battle of the Bands, reports The Express Tribune......»»

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